Fix offered after York County driver's license suspensions

Written by Ben Allen and Radio Pennsylvania | Nov 3, 2014 4:25 AM

(York) -- A legislative amendment will provide a way forward for those who've just recently found out their license was suspended.

Because of an administrative error in the York County Clerk of Courts office, PennDOT was never notified of driver's license suspensions for thousands who pleaded guilty or were convicted of certain drug offenses.

After an audit in August, the office belatedly alerted PennDOT, which started suspending licenses.

But now an amendment from Democratic state Representative Kevin Schreiber of York County will give them a chance to get an occupational driver's license.

It allows people to drive to work, school, or health care.

"It is a limited license, and they have to apply for it. So if they're one of the individuals that has been adversely affected by this oversight that is now receiving notifications that they have to serve a suspension, they have to apply for the occupational license through PennDOT," he says.

He says many of the people who recently lost their license are contributing to society.

"I have a mom in the Salem Square neighborhood in York City that was offered a position driving bus for Rabbit Transit that now obviously wouldn't be eligible to do that."

Governor Corbett recently approved the amendment, contained in a bill fixing a loophole in DUI penalties.

The occupational driver's license approval isn't automatic since hopefuls still need to apply through PennDOT.

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