York County Senator says unions, Putin, Hitler about "power and control"

Written by The Associated Press | Jun 4, 2014 6:01 PM

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(Harrisburg) -- A midstate lawmaker is being criticized by the state's largest teachers' union after he said labor unions, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler are about "power and control."

York County Republican Senator Scott Wagner made the comments on the Senate floor today.

Wagner said, "unions are about power and control. ... There was a gentleman by the name of Hitler, he was about power and control. There's a gentleman by the name of Putin, who is across the ocean, that is about power and control.''

Wagner spoke amid debate over legislation that would bar government employers from automatically deducting union dues from members' paychecks.

Other senators didn't confront Wagner, but Pennsylvania State Education Association president Mike Crossey says Wagner's comments were offensive and a terrible example for kids.

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