Protest over York County text message urging child support

Written by The Associated Press | Jun 5, 2014 11:17 AM
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(York) -- Some men in York County are protesting a text message they received from a county agency urging them to celebrate Father's Day by paying child support. 

The York Dispatch reports today's message from the York County Domestic Relations agency said a payment would be "the ideal Father's Day gift.'' 

Ricardo Reyes says he was offended by the implication that all dads are deadbeat dads.

Jesse Mauss says it also implied fathers are only good for money rather than nurturing or other parental responsibilities.

Both says they are up-to-date on payments. 

Agency director Theresa Gross says the message wasn't meant to offend, but was an effort to use "innovative ways'' to encourage child support payments and was intended for people who are behind.

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Comments: 2

  • edgarhalcyon1 img 2014-06-05 11:55

    That's sort of like giving every car on the street a parking ticket, but they're really only aimed at the ones that are over their time limit.

  • MadWorld img 2014-06-05 14:12

    I am a non-custodial mom that received this message as well. I can understand how dads would be offended by the implications of this, but as a mother I have another perspective. My child lives with her father - not because of a court order or even an agreement between the two of us. He has custody because I fell ill and needed him to care for her for a period of several weeks. He was given several thousand dollars up front to cover his expenses in those weeks. That was over four years ago. Every attempt I've made at getting my child back has resulted in threats of personal and financial destruction. Even without a custody order, he ran to domestic relations to get support just as quickly as he could, and succeeded. Naturally, he didn't mention the thousands he'd already received, so I've been ordered to pay twice, establishing an arrears balance that I can't fight. It's this balance that targeted me for this message, even though every month a portion of my payment goes to paying down the arrears as well. Every month, on time, he gets child support paid in full. And you know what he does with it? Concert tickets, dinners out, movies, guitars, fishing gear, the list goes on. What he doesn't do is take care of our child's needs. She doesn't get to the doctor or dentist and she doesn't get the clothes she needs. He's even tapped her to pay for the household groceries with her own money. On top of timely support, every time I see her I take care of her unmet needs, often doubling the support I contribute in doctor visits, clothes, personal care needs, etc. And then I pay her back for the money he takes from her. To get a text like this, suggesting I give him a father's day gift of still more play money is beyond upsetting. It's insult to injury, and a cruel joke. Besides that, child support is for the support of the child, not a gift for the parent. How many government employees decided this was a good idea before they sent these messages? According to their spokesperson, I can expect to get another message like this on mother's day. Oh, joy. It's snarky at best, and I expect a lot more professionalism from an office with the task of looking out for the welfare of children and the authority to put me in jail should I fail to meet their demands. Clowns.

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