Budget Debate Underway

Written by The Associated Press | Jun 30, 2014 4:43 PM
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(Harrisburg) _ Pennsylvania state senators are debating an approximately $29.1 billion spending plan for the new fiscal year that's a few hours away. 

A Senate floor vote was expected on the main budget bill Monday evening, followed by a nighttime House vote. 

Some details of the Republican-crafted spending package remained murky because a large companion bill wasn't finished as of Monday evening. 

The plan cuts business taxes and calls for about $950 million more in spending, primarily for public schools, pension obligations, health care for the poor and social safety-net programs. 

     Republicans say it's a responsible plan during a difficult economic time. 

But Democrats oppose it, saying it doesn't do enough for schools or have-nots.

They also say it's built on flimsy assumptions and one-time items, including postponing bills and raiding off-budget programs.

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