Pa. GOP's big majority in US House of Representatives got help from Dems.

Written by The Associated Press | Mar 25, 2014 1:47 PM

(Harrisburg) -- Many state Democrats say the Republican-drawn map of congressional districts is how the GOP came to control 13 of Pennsylvania's 18 U.S. House seats in 2012. But Democratic lawmakers themselves helped approve the map.


Republicans got to draw the map thanks to their control of both the Legislature and governor's office. Still, it couldn't have passed the Senate State Government Committee and the state House without support from Democrats.

The eight-seat edge is a major contributor to the GOP's 33-seat majority in the U.S. House that came about thanks to a combination of gerrymandering and geography. GOP control of the House shows no signs of changing in this year's elections.

This year may test the Pennsylvania map: six-term Rep. Jim Gerlach is retiring, providing Democrats a target in the Philadelphia suburbs.

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