Midstate congressmen question Obama's tactics laid out in SOTU

Written by Ben Allen, General Assignment Reporter | Jan 29, 2014 4:45 AM

(Washington, DC) -- Many congressman from the midstate are criticizing President Obama's State of the Union address last night.

While the largely Republican delegation says it agrees the economy needs to get more attention, it questions the President's tactics.

Republican Congressman Joe Pitts represents the 16th District, which includes Lancaster County, as well as parts of Berks and Chester counties.

He says he's worked well with Democrats on a House subcommittee.

"If Frank Pallone and I can reach across the aisle and work together in a bipartisan manner, the President ought to be able to reach out to Speaker Boehner and work in a bipartisan manner to address some of the major problems we have."

Pitts sat next to Pallone last night.

He says the President should look to bridge the divide between Republicans and Democrats in a similar way.

President Obama says he'll resort to other methods - like executive orders - if Congress doesn't work with him.

That's something Republican Congressman Charlie Dent of the 15th district says is unnecessary.

"The President should not look for creative ways to subvert Congress to address these challenges. He should reach out and work constructively to those of us who have put forward solutions, and are willing to work with anyone, regardless of party affiliation, to solve problems and advance our great nation."

Dent's District includes parts of Dauphin, Lebanon and Berks counties.

President Obama is on pace to issue fewer executive orders than President George W. Bush, Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan issued in each of their 8 years in office.

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  • Larry img 2014-01-29 11:34

    Yes, Pitts and some other republicans will compromise on the small issues.

    However as republicans ask Democrats to compromise on their core values such as Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid, investments in infrastructure job training and education, and clean water and air.

    Republicans then leave the table being unwilling to compromise on their core value to be against everything including strengthening the middle class with inflation and productivity hourly wages increases, restoring the marginal tax rates of the Eisenhower Administration for those high income earners, comprehensive immigration reform, marriage equality, work place improvements and safety, clean air & water, and needed investment in America, etc.

    In President Obama's first term Mitch McConnell declared to make the president a one term president.

    Upon the republican surprise of President Obama's election, that evening they declared they would obstruct the president.

    The president has reached out to republicans, and each time he has had his hand slapped away.

    What republicans and the tea party must do is apologize to the president and begin compromising on core values to extend unemployment, comprehensive immigration reform, restoring the tax base for investment, raising the hourly wage to reflect inflation and productivity increases, and expanding the pool for Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid to make them more sustainable.

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