Bill would allow police to pull over cars or trucks covered in snow or ice

Written by Ben Allen and Radio Pennsylvania | Dec 25, 2013 5:00 AM

(Harrisburg) -- When winter weather hits, snow and ice piles up on cars and trucks.

State Senator Lisa Boscola says her proposal is prompted by the 2005 death of a Northampton County woman, killed when ice flew off a truck and pierced her car's windshield.

"It was a slab of ice that came off a tractor trailer that killed a woman that lives in my district, which was the reason I sponsored this legislation to begin with.

"These trailers sometimes sit outside in the elements for months and months, and then they accumulate more snow and thicker ice, and they pose a really great threat to surrounding motorists."

Boscola's bill requires drivers make reasonable efforts to remove ice and snow from vehicles, including the roof.

Boscola says the law one the books now only allows for penalties if someone is injured by flying ice or snow.

"I've seen technology that has made the application of this legislation practical. Nearly every truck stop and large warehouse facilities do have de-icers on their premises."

Senator Boscola's bill would allow police to pull over any motorists driving with cars or trucks covered in ice and snow.

Violators would face a fine between $25 and $75.

Both pieces of legislation have been awaiting action in the Senate transportation committee since March.

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Comments: 2

  • earlfink56 img 2013-12-25 22:47

    Just more brain convulsions of Liberal Nitwits in Elected office.
    I would like to know just where these Truck Stops and Warehouse facilities are located at, that have deicing equipment. This is just another Stupid Law they want to put on the books that serve no purpose. It is sad that the lady who was struck by ice was killed. But this law is one that needs scrapped in committee. The law of nature is, that accidents do happen. And pray tell me how does a trucker that is parked in a Rest area for his mandated 10 hr break going to get up on top a high trailer and get accumulated Ice and Snow off of that high trailer. I believe those trailers are over 13 foot high.
    I believe it should be the States responsibility to place this deicing equipment at rest areas and weight stations so truckers will have access to removing snow and ice from their vehicles.
    Like I stated, this is just more Liberals seeking ways to get revenue into the state coffers. The police will be looking for drivers who didn't clean off their cars after a snow storm on their way to work in he morning. It's not about safety. It's about money.

  • Craig Fraser img 2013-12-26 02:48

    Can almost bet this assclown proposing this bill keeps her car in a garage. This is just another typical knee jerk reaction to a very isolated incident. We have way too many regulations already. They will eventually pass a law banning walking and chewing gum at the same time because so many stupid people get distracted to easy. Read the texting and drive law they passed. The person who wrote that POS legislation has to be mentally retarded. Its un-enforceable unless you get someone stupid enough to admit to it.

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