York College wrestling team on disciplinary probabtion

Written by Marie Cusick | Nov 8, 2013 1:27 PM

(York) -- York College is putting its entire wrestling team on disciplinary probation through the remainder of the school year after an internal investigation found incidents of violent hazing.

According to the college, the hazing happened off-campus through September and into October and involved physical assaults against students.

Thirty-four students from the 42-member Division III wrestling team were brought before the college’s Administrative Judicial Board this week.

Some were cleared of wrongdoing, some received a warning, and others were expelled.

College spokeswoman Mary Dolheimer says if the team violates the student code of conduct in the future, the whole wrestling program could be suspended.

“At this point in time our decision to allow the program to move forward on probation is an indication that we want to ensure that those who were not guilty will have an opportunity to wrestle this season,” she says.

Dolheimer says the school’s investigation was sparked by an anonymous e-mail. The school would not disclose how many athletes were expelled.

Police have not been involved in any criminal charges.

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