Sequestration didn't hit midstate equally

Written by Ben Allen, General Assignment Reporter | Nov 15, 2013 5:00 AM
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(Elizabethtown) -- New data reveals a more precise picture of the impact of sequestration from March, and the results are vastly different across 13 counties in the midstate.

The data from the Center for Public Integrity shows Dauphin County lost about $1,400 worth of federal spending per person.

That's more than the loss in Lancaster, Juniata, Perry, Northumberland, Berks, and Schulkill Counties combined.

The data included cuts to federal grants, federal salaries, and federal contracts at companies in each county.

Many federal departments were required to shave their budgets across the board after Congress couldn't reach a broader budget deal to prevent the damage to the economy.

Dmitriy Krichevskiy, economics professor at Elizabethtown College, says a trickle down effect occurred.

"Hershey Medical has so much support around it that helps it do what it does. So it's not just the research jobs. You would see people who supply materials to the Hershey Medical down to the people who cleaning those quarters. There are real jobs lost."

Kruckski says Dauphin County really should have taken a larger hit.

"You would expect to see that in more densely populated places, in more industrious places. Obviously rural counties would not be as impacted by federal government sequestration of any sort, unless we're talking about farm bill or something like that, which this has nothing to do with."

In the 13 county area, the 5% cut in federal spending per single individual was $269.

Krucheski says more research would probably show a wider impact than the current data shows.

How much did sequestration hit each county? Click on any county below to get the data:

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