Online tool aims to assist applications to PSSHE schools

Written by The Associated Press | Nov 8, 2013 12:17 PM
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 (Mansfield) -- Students may now have an easier time applying to multiple campuses in the state university system. 

A new online tool copies basic data from a student's first application to any subsequent application. Before, students had to fill out the same information for every campus they applied to attend. 

The Multi-University Electronic Admissions Application was publicly unveiled today. However, the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education says it was quietly introduced in August. 

Chancellor Frank Brogan told a conference of high school guidance counselors in Mansfield that 50,000 applications have been completed or started using the tool. 

System spokesman Kenn Marshall says students still might have to answer different essay questions for each campus. Also, they must pay any required fee for every application. 

Pennsylvania has 14 state-owned universities, including Bloomsburg, Shippensburg, Millersville and Kutztown.

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