AG Kathleen Kane scolds lawmaker seeking impeachment

Written by The Associated Press | Oct 22, 2013 3:54 PM

(Harrisburg) -- A plan by a conservative lawmaker from western Pennsylvania to seek impeachment of the state attorney general over her handling of a gay marriage lawsuit is drawing a stern reply from the top prosecutor.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane has issued a statement calling Republican Representative Daryl Metcalfe loud, arrogant and misguided.

Metcalfe says in a memo filed yesterday seeking co-sponsors for articles of impeachment against Kane that he plans to introduce that Kane has violated her constitutional, statutory and ethical duties.

At issue are Democrat Kane's opinion that the state's gay marriage prohibition isn't constitutional and her decision to delegate defense of that law to GOP Governor Tom Corbett.

Metcalfe says Kane has created a constitutional crisis, while she says Pennsylvanians should be revolted by Metcalfe's tactics.

Read Kane's statement:


"Rep. Metcalfe's call for impeachment should instead be an opportunity for his own introspection. More than three million voters elected me to office last year because they are fed up with partisan politics, which is what Rep. Metcalfe represents.

 "I ran for Attorney General because partisan politics are so rampant and ugly, that the people of Pennsylvania are not properly served by their government! 

 "Rep. Metcalfe's goals of media attention and political gamesmanship are accomplished through loud, arrogant and misguided claims. Instead, his priorities should be reforming education, job creation, fixing our transportation system, or making the streets safer for kids and families, and should also include cleaning up the good ol' boys' system of public corruption. Instead, he chooses to focus on wasting time and battling me because I had the gall to run for office, win and serve Pennsylvania as an independent watchdog over the government they desperately want to rule.

"It is unfortunate that Rep. Metcalfe has such little respect for the people of Pennsylvania. It is also unfortunate and embarrassing that Rep. Metcalfe has such limited knowledge of the laws or perhaps poor understanding of time-tested, clearly enumerated legal principles. While he purports to know what actions I have taken, he is wrong. When he pretends to know the rules governing ethical conduct for attorneys, he again is terribly wrong. And, while Rep. Metcalfe pretends to understand the legal implications of my actions and others around the state, he could not be more misguided. I do not believe he cares about facts or the law.

"I have been, and always will be, committed to protecting, obeying and defending the Constitution of the United States and of Pennsylvania. I will continue to be the independent watchdog over state government to provide checks and balances on the power of those who seek to fulfill their own agenda. Public corruption and waste will not be tolerated. And I will act as the Commonwealth's attorney, pursuant to the rules of Professional Responsibility.          

"The citizens of this great Commonwealth should be revolted that a politician such as Rep. Metcalfe is attempting to thwart an independent Attorney General from doing her job by using such a measure. I have never been afraid of or backed down from bullies. In fact, bullies strengthen my resolve to protect those who need it the most – the people of Pennsylvania. I will never be deterred by selfish rants of those who want Pennsylvania to belong to the few. We thrive on the principles of government for the people, by the people. I will continue to be the Attorney General you elected me to be."

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  • Richard Liberatoscioli img 2015-08-09 17:50

    Formal criminal charges are being filed with AG Kathleen Kane against DA Risia Ferman and Senior Judge William Nicholas for direct criminal accomplice in the attempted murder and child abduction committed by the Lower Merion Police.

    Currently Da Risa Ferman has not demanded that these Lower Merion Police officers be relieved of their lethal weapons even under the direct threat to carry out their failed murder attempt.

    This case marks the beginning of the end for DA Risa Ferman and for all the felon class criminal bums employed at our court house. Risa has turned our judicial system into a self serving criminal enterprise well exceeding the merits of the felony RICO statutes. Within my own family of Montgomery County policeman and detective, blatantly committing felony crimes against the community being supported by her complete criminal suppression of any criminal charges against them and our own "in-house" Montgomery County Senior Judge "on-the-take" for his felony actions in them. A prime example of this is the standing murder attempt and child abduction committed by the Lower Merion Police Dept. The Lower Merion Commissioners promised a full criminal investigation but then chose to cover up the crimes instead. No investigation of these crimes was ever conducted. When presented to the Montgomery County DA they stated they have no authority to investigate criminal charges against policemen. The felony "Cash-for-Kids" crimes committed by our corrupt law enforcement employees will look like "child's play" in comparison when finally exposed to the community.

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