Vince Fumo's children accuse him of raiding trust fund

Written by The Associated Press | Jul 12, 2013 9:48 AM

(Philadelphia) -- A long-powerful state lawmaker is set to leave prison next month, but Vincent Fumo's children now accuse him of raiding a family trust fund.

The 70-year-old Fumo netted more than $13 million from a family bank, and made millions more as a lawyer and state senator. He's finishing a five-year prison term for stealing $4 million from the Senate and two charities.

Fumo's assets are quickly dwindling, given millions spent on defense lawyers, restitution and back taxes.

Two of Fumo's children had agreed to loan him $1.4 million from the $2.5 million trust. But in court this week, they accuse their father of changing the loan terms, and naming his fiancee's relative to serve as a trustee.

Vincent E. and Allison Fumo supported their father at his 2009 trial — but said in court this week they no longer trust him.

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