Harrisburg nets $2.7M on Wild West auction

Written by The Associated Press | Jul 22, 2013 6:03 AM
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(Harrisburg) -- The auction of thousands of Old West artifacts purchased by a former Harrisburg mayor for a failed museum project has netted about $2.7 million for the city as it tries to recoup the money spent on the collection.

The auction ended Sunday with around $3.2 million in proceeds.

The city will keep about $2.7 million, enough to pay off the $2.5 million remaining on a $7.2 million loan.

The sale means the total recouped by the city for the 10,000-piece collection is about $4.4 million out of about $8.3 million paid.

Former Mayor Stephen Reed bought the artifacts to fill three unrealized museums, with the first focused on the Old West.

They include hundreds of guns, furniture, documents with historical significance and a stuffed buffalo.

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