Community colleges ask for more power for campus security

Written by Craig Layne and Radio Pennsylvania | Jul 22, 2013 4:00 AM

(Harrisburg) -- Community colleges in Pennsylvania are backing a pair of bills in the state House that would give their security officers more power.

The measures would provide community college public safety departments with the ability to arrest suspects and access to more law enforcement information.

HACC President John Sygielski says the school's five campuses present unique issues to safety officers.

"Our campuses are vast, complex places that, by design, foster an open and accessible environment," Sygielski explains. "Although this environment promotes and supports a diverse learning situation, it does indeed present certain security challenges."

Sygielski's comments came before the House Select Committee on School Safety.

The lawmakers are working on a draft report that includes the campus police, building security and mental health issues.

HACC is one of the commonwealth's 14 community colleges.

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