MoneyWorks: Financial experts offer tips for women

Written by Craig Layne, Morning Edition Host/Reporter | Mar 20, 2013 4:00 AM

Photo by Craig Layne/witf

Carolyn Schaefer (L) and Holly Buchanan (R)

(York) -- Do men and women take different approaches when it comes to managing their money?

Some financial planning experts think so.

As part of witf's MoneyWorks series, Craig Layne talks with two financial professionals about the different approaches women take...


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  • zeon img 2013-03-20 17:08

    The financial advisor Greg interviewed whose last name was Buchannon was a treasure-trove of inconsistencies.

    She started out by saying “men want a big number, men want compare their number to other men,men want to brag to other men, blah blah blah”. For a moment there I was not sure we were still talking about finances. Anyway, then the advisor went on to say women want financial independence, they don’t want to have to move in with the kids or be dependent on a man. They would rather die than need ask for financial assistance.
    However, in the next sentence, she mocks financial institutions that create “marketing programs for women”, because how can anyone know what women want, since they are so diverse.
    Hello, didn’t Ms. Buchannon just stereotype all men AND women in her previous statements?

    And does she really think men don’t have the same concerns? Does she really think men don’t want financial independence, or that they would like to move in with their kids someday?
    I found this report demeaning to men and women, and displayed sexual discrimination. As a regular listener to WITF, I am very disappointed with WITF and Craig Layne.

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