Advocates say hemp, marijuana could be PA's next cash crop

Written by Craig Layne and Radio Pennsylvania | Feb 18, 2013 4:00 AM

(Lancaster) -- A state senator's effort to legalize marijuana in Pennsylvania is being applauded by people who say it could be a valuable cash crop.

State Senator Daylin Leach has proposed legalizing marijuana for recreational use and regulating it much like the sale of alcohol through the state store system.

Advocates say legalizing pot and its relative, industrial hemp, could be an economic boon for the commonwealth.

Lancaster County-based hemp historian Les Stark says the plant has dozens of uses.

"It's a natural, non-toxic, non-lethal, renewable, sustainable resource for food, fuel, fiber, medicine, paper, plastics, fiberboard and thousands of other products," Stark says.

Governor Corbett calls marijuana a "gateway drug" and says he would veto any legalization bill.

The most recent Franklin and Marshall College poll shows 55 percent of respondents oppose legalization.

However, the same survey by the Lancaster-based college reveals 82 percent of those surveyed "strongly" or "somewhat" favor medical marijuana.

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  • Gustavo Picciuto img 2013-02-18 08:03

    "...Governor Corbett calls marijuana a "gateway drug" and says he would veto any legalization bill..."

    Another Governor who doesn't have the cojones to do what's right. The "gateway" is prohibition; the same guy that sells you marijuana will eventually try and sell you crack or cocaine or heroin or god knows what else. It's the availability of other harder drugs due to the presence and popularity of marijuana. Take marijuana out of that market and into the mainstream and the guy at the legal store will not offer crack to go with your baggy of green. I'm glad this is a generational issue and soon enough we will be in power to make this happen.

    • claudzilla5 img 2013-02-19 10:19

      Agreed! I look at the 55% against legalization of marijuana and think, well, that's 45% in favor. Little by little we can tip the scales the other way, by keeping the conversaiton public and educating people.

  • iamangrypublic img 2013-02-18 09:54

    lets grow some hemp: Kentucky, Hawaii, PA. lets go people, lets grow some hemp, its OK to import, then it should be OK to grow

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