Central PA voters share their experience at the polls

Written by witf | Nov 6, 2012 2:02 PM

We've been asking you about your experience at the polls via Twitter, Facebook and the Public Insight Network. Here's what you been telling us about the voting experience in central Pennsylvania:

"They were calling out peoples' names as they came up to sign in to vote and two ladies (one on each side of the caller) were writing down the names in a book. What bothered me the most is that there was a poll watcher (Republican) sitting there as well with a poll list recording who voted as we went through. No Democrat was there interestingly enough." - Jan Rumberger, via Public Insight Network

"I was appalled at the lack of privacy when voting in Lancaster District 5102 at the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd. Nobody guides the flow to the stations where voters are required to color in the little rectangles on the paper ballot with a ball point pen (please, at least give us markers so it doesn't take a half-minute per choice). Voters are free to walk behind other voters and glace over shoulders to see ballots. When finished, the voter walks to the scanner and feeds in the ballot which is taken in S-L-O-W-L-Y, giving the nice lady in attendance ample time to see all of the voter's entries because the paper is fed into the machine FACE UP." - Jennifer Hollister, via Public Insight Network

"Today was my first time voting in a new precinct. I was asked to show photo ID, which I had not brought. I offered a bank statement, instead. The poll worker called over a supervisor who didn't think that was going to be sufficient, and started searching through paperwork for confirmation. I showed him a printout from VotesPA, listing acceptable forms of ID, which he then asked to keep for a reference. Everybody was courteous, but I'm disappointed they didn't know which forms of identification were acceptable, and I'm very glad I brought along the VotesPA printout." - Thomas Owad, via Public Insight Network

"Took us 25 minutes to vote and I was voter #3, can't imagine how long it will take later today. At Career link in Snyder county 4 people have to check you in and are requiring an ID. It was unnecessarily cumbersome. By the way there are no "I voted stickers" available! I wonder why, I have gotten them every other election small or big." - Catherine Fourshey, via Facebook

"Penbrook polling opened at 7 am sharp with about 20 people in line waiting. Civic duty complete. Penbrook polling clerk was unsure if she needed to see my ID or just ask. At least I am not the only one confused #voterID" - joehildebrand, via Twitter

"Strong early turnout in Lanc City 9W-5P, no #voterID First 19 voters: 11D & 8R — at least 1R voted for the Prez #election2012" - Re_MarkS, via Twitter

"Easy, smooth process voting in Enola this morning!" - itskayt, via Twitter

"In Lewisburg, a line moved quickly.No hassle.Only downside- would have been hard to spot the poll if you didn't know it was there." - ProfVigeant, via Twitter

"No line in Linglestown - couldn't be easier to exercise your civic duty!" - QBryner, via Twitter

"Lines are short now at Susq Twp High School voting center." - meganfister, via Twitter

"Voted in York, PA. No line. Was asked for ID, but I said I didn't need it. Voted. Poll workers overall very helpful." - traviskurowski, via Twitter

"Poll worker in the red sweater @ my polling place didnt ask she told me to show ID I refused, signed the book & voted" - perry_ligon, via Twitter

"precinct Lemoyne 3P in PA is forcing people to show IDs or not allowing vote - Calvary UM church 700 market st 17043. my wife @88dharma eventually showed her ID because she was told it was required. I'll be voting there later so we'll c " - andrezeski, via Twitter

"Smooth in camp hill boro. BUT, didnt get an "I voted" sticker. Always got them in VA. Whats up with that, PA? Oh, and I had to show my ID anyway, since Im new to the precinct. No issue with that." - joelleeshea, via Twitter

"there was no explanation as to why ID was required. filed complaint w/ cumb co. bureau of elections. also, the polling place was seemingly inaccessible to anyone in a wheelchair/disabled." - 88dharma, via Twitter

"I was ready to refuse to show ID, but I was not asked to show ID." - Paul Weaver, via Public Insight Network

"I was asked to show ID. I said no. They had no problem & let me vote anyway." - Catherine Cocco, via Public Insight Network

"Just a 30 min wait. Common cause was conducting exit surveys in regards to showing ID - age/race/ect." - Pierre MaCoy, via Public Insight Network

"I was asked to show ID by poll workers who know me well. I told them that legally I was not required to show it, so they handed me the yellow paper on how to get an ID (which I courteously returned). Very little wait at my polling place in Cornwall." - Sally Hogan Clark, via Facebook

"I was also asked to show my ID. I said I do not have to and why do they ask? They said they were told to "practice" ...this annoyed me. No wait at lunchtime." - Jan Ivers, via Facebook

" I was asked to show my ID. I did, but I found it disturbing that they did this before I could enter the polling place. What's that all about?!" - Angela D. Anderson, via Facebook

"We voted absentee three weeks ago. Made life very simple: no waiting in lines. The registration form did require drivers license number or last four digits of our socials." - D.h. Flynn, via Facebook

"I didn't even give the volunteer a chance to ask for my ID; I just handed it to her along with my index card. Waited about 30 minutes at 7:15 a.m. in Harrisburg suburbs. Only two of three machines were functional when I arrived but they had all three working by the time I cast my votes." - Sam Neely, via Facebook

"I had my ID ready, they didn't ask for it- but I handed it to them. No wait at all." - Shelle R. Sutherly, via Facebook

"I wasn't planning to use my ID but after waiting an hour in line (F&M's Alumni Sports and Fitness Center at 9AM) I brought it out to expedite the process." - Leigh Kaliss, via Facebook

"I was required to show my ID, since I am a first time voter in this state. Luckily I brought it along, but I did not think it was going to be a requirement." - Emily Giorgio, via Facebook

"I was asked for ID and showed my voter registration card." - Tiffany Johns Davis, via Facebook

"I was asked and showed it, but I politely told the workers I was unhappy with the way the law had been rushed through, and in such a confusing way. And I was disturbed to find the polling place had two of the "Show It" posters displayed prominently. When I overheard someone near me ask if he would need to show i.d., I told him he did not. Three other people were surprised to hear that." - Joan Weaver, via Facebook

"My experience was slightly disturbing....right before I signed my name, the poll worker said, "You do have ID, don't you?" as if I needed it but he was going to take my word for it if I said I had of course I responded, "Nope! I didn't bring ID!" and he really couldn't say anything so he just sat was a little awkward" - Mandy Liscious, via Facebook

"I wasn't asked for ID in Franklin County. I'm curious though if it's true that if you select the straight ticket option but then go on to fill out the rest of the ballot for each candidate individually, your vote is canceled. I can't imagine that's the case, but there is a rumor out there." - Jeremy Cate, via Facebook

"I only waited behind my husband because he got in the building before me! I showed id but the worker didn't bother to look at it and reported my name incorrectly. I was concerned that Pat Vance was listed as an R and D, but it turns out both parties really did nominate her." - Denise Shuey Saunders, via Facebook

"I should note that one of the election volunteers did ask for my ID and explained that she wanted to make sure my name was spelled correctly. I kindly replied, "I can easily spell my name for you. Are you ready? Here it is: W-A-L-T-O-N. All right?" It was fine." - Rich Walton, via Facebook

"I was asked (State College) but informed them that I wasn't a first-time voter, so he (grumpily) handed me the info sheet and told me I'd need it next time. But 2 friends of mine reported that later on at the same polling place, the man (same?) was quite surly and argued with them so they showed their ID." - Merrill David, via Facebook

"Did not show ID. Was not asked, though many around me did have ID out. Line at 8:30 am but only took 15 minutes. People were friendly. " - David Stahl, via Google+

What about you? Did you encounter or witness any issues? Were you asked to show photo ID? Did you show it? How long was your wait? Please help us paint a better picture of the situation at the local polls this year by answering our questions here.

Follow our complete coverage of Election Day here.

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