Harrisburg schools could become first PA district to cut Kindergarten

Written by Craig Layne, Morning Edition Host/Reporter | Jun 27, 2012 5:05 PM

Harrisburg) -- Harrisburg's school board is scheduled to vote tonight on a budget that would cut Kindergarten, sports and arts.  The Pennsylvania School Boards Association says the move would make the district the only one in the state without Kindergarten.  The Harrisburg Public Schools Foundation, a non-profit support organization, is trying to promote a Kindergarten literacy program. 

Executive Director Paul Zavinsky says if lawmakers like the idea, they could restore some $900,000 in funding.  "We're hoping that they would see that we're improving the literacy efforts for Kindergarten and reinstate some of the funding that would put Kindergarten back in place for the district," Zavinsky says. 

Superintendent Sybil Knight-Burney says the district has cut about 500 staff members during the past few years, and Kindergarten is one of the absolute last items that can be stripped from the schools.

witf's Craig Layne recently spoke with school district and foundation leaders and has more on the district's budget situation...

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