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Lebanon boy close to fundraising goal for Dick Winters Leadership statue

Written by Tim Lambert, WITF Multimedia News Director | May 2, 2012 5:46 PM

(Lebanon) -- A 12-year-old Lebanon County boy is closing in on his goal to raise $100,000 for a project honoring the late Major Dick Winters next month in Normandy, France. Jordan Brown of Lebanon has spent the past two years selling olive green wristbands displaying the leader of the Band of Brothers' famous motto "Hang Tough." He's $8,000 shy of the six-figure mark. The money will go toward a statue in the likeness of Winters, in  ememberance of the leadership of all junior U.S. officers on D-Day in 1944. Now, an anonymous donor has offered $4,000 to be used as a dollar-for-dollar match for any donation to Brown's effort. "I really want to thank him and anybody else who has donated or supported me throughout my two years of doing this project," Brown says. Jordan is slated to be among the speakers at the unveiling of the statue on June sixth near Utah Beach, the 68th anniversary of the allied invastion. "I think it's awesome, because I get to to where these guys have gone and I get to follow their footsteps," he says. The project, which includes the statue and a documentary focusing on Winters, carries a pricetag of about $400,000. To make a contribution, visit www.hangtough6644.org.

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