PUC makes revisions to help electric customers

Written by Melanie Herschorn and Radio Pennsylvania | Mar 4, 2010 9:46 AM

(Harrisburg) -- With more rate caps due to come off next year, state regulators want to make sure their safeguards are maintaining a level playing field between the electric distribution companies as well as suppliers and customers. Robert Powelson who sits on the Public Utility Commission says the agency is trying to make shopping for utilities as easy as possible. "There's been a collapse in natural gas pricing and that is parlaying into cheap energy procurement," he says. "However, we do know down the road, we're going to see a shift and demand's going to come back. And as these rate caps come off now for customers, on their monthly bill, those customers are going to be able to shop and that's really the new paradigm." Powelson says the safeguards which prohibit deceptive marketing or unfair business practices among suppliers were originally enacted in July 2000. Since then, there have been changes in the electric industry, including new products like green energy. He says the PUC is looking at states such as Texas and New York to see how they handle competitiveness.

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