Solar energy project will be largest in Lancaster County

Written by | Nov 16, 2009 9:12 AM

(Lancaster) -- A group that works to support renewable energy projects is praising an effort to build the largest solar-energy system in one midstate county. The Lancaster County Center of Excellence for Renewable Energy calls the plan by Johnson & Johnson-Merck to construct the $3.3 million initiative a very positive step for the region. Chairman Terry Kile credits the state for providing an $876,000 grant toward the effort in the Greenfield Corporate Center in Lancaster. He says public financing goes a long way toward attracting green businesses. "In some cases, like this project, a sizeable amount of funding came from the commonwealth. That makes the payback better," he says. "So, you really have to take that into account as you analyze these projects for a rooftop of a commercial factory or manufacturing facility in central PA." Kile says the region has seen more solar installations in the residential sector, than in commercial areas at this point -- so, the Johnson and Johnson plan is a step forward. The proposed system will produce the equivalent of enough power for 500 homes, but there's no word on when it will be installed.

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