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6 Creative Ways to Spend Valentine's Day

Written by Savannah Marie, Community Blogger | Jan 27, 2016 1:54 PM

Valentine's Day is a lovely time to practice honing your romance skills. After all, it's not just the men who should be romantics, right? Instead of sticking with the traditional dinner date night or a simple gift, try switching things up a bit. Plus, since Valentine's Day falls on a weekend this year, you have some extra time to plan. Go for something a little out of the box, and you'll not only impress your partner, but you might light a few extra sparks for the evening, too!

Scavenger Hunt

If you're with someone who likes puzzles, or you like puzzles, a scavenger hunt can be tons of fun. Hiding clues around the house is good, but you can expand it to include the whole town. The end of the scavenger hunt can be a gift or even a continuation of the date, with the two of you meeting up for dinner and dancing or going for a hike in the woods.



This is sort of like a mixed reality treasure hunt. People sign up and hide little "treasures" around the area. They post clues online, so all you need is an account to get started. Then head out with your sweetheart and see what all you can dig up!

Fort and Movie Nights

Movie nights at home are always nice, but they're so much cooler if you take the time to build a fort first! Unleash your inner child (it has to come out sometimes, after all) and turn your living room into a movie theater. Make sure the TV is included in your fort, and be prepared with snacks. Then settle in for a movie marathon -- and maybe a pillow fight or two.

Take an Impromptu Flight

If you've got a bit of money to burn and are the adventurous type, pack an overnight bag and head to the airport. Ask for the next departing flight that you can make and take that -- no matter where it's headed. The idea of a last-minute vacation can be a challenge for many people, but that's kind of the idea. You pack up and leave, with no plan, no idea what to expect and just see what happens. It's a cool way to get everyone out of their comfort zones and see how flexible everyone is.

Flea Market Competition

If you want to make a game of things, head off to a local flea market or antique district. Challenge each other to find the weirdest, sweetest or funniest things you can. Collect all of them and choose which piece (or pieces) to buy as a sweet memento. Or just buy them in secret and use them as little gifts for later in the year -- maybe for someone's next birthday!

If you've struck a draw and can't decide who won, ask a vendor for their opinion. They might decide that neither one of you has found something weird enough to be dubbed the winner quite yet!

Weird Museums

dinosaur museum.jpg


You wouldn't believe some of the museums people have created. Yes, you can go and look at art or dinosaurs. However, that's not nearly as interesting as a trip to the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, where you can see some of the weird things that can happen to a human body -- and even parts of Albert Einstein's brain!

You'll be able to talk about the weird things you saw and the grossest facts you learned the whole ride home. Be warned, though, this museum is not for the faint of heart.

Don't Forget the Gifts

All of these date ideas are certainly fun, but it's still nice to make an effort to give good presents. The scavenger hunt idea is a built-in gift presenter, but you still have to figure out what to actually give. Memorable, meaningful gifts for men are really just those that fit your partner's personality.

Some men may love a video game or a movie while others might be more interested in a pair of racing cufflinks. Just put some thought into it, and you're sure to come up with the right idea.

No matter what you choose to do or what gift to give, just going outside the routine is always a fun way to shake things up. Remember, Valentine's Day is all about doing what makes you happy as a couple, so go do that, and the rest will come naturally. Happy Valentine's Day!

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