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10 Ways to Create a Cozy Home This Winter

Written by Savannah Marie, Community Blogger | Dec 18, 2015 2:43 PM

If you hate being cold, get ready to take notes! It's important for your home to stay warm and cozy in the winter so you and your family or friends feel comfortable in your own house.

Here are 10 practical ways to cozy up in your home this winter without raising the electric bill.



1. Add on the Layers

If your house is perpetually cold, invest in some knit or woven blankets. Find a pretty basket and stack folded blankets in it. Stick the basket in a corner of the room or beside the sofa so your blankets are handy when you sit down to watch a movie!

If you have tiled or hardwood floors, lay rugs down. Use rugs in the kitchen, in the bathroom or along the side of your bed: They'll make getting up in the mornings a little more bearable.

2. Keep the Heat Inside and the Cold Outside

Heat is precious in the winter, so don't let it escape from every nook and cranny. Make sure the seals around your doors and windows are intact and able to save the energy you use in your home. Upgrading your garage door is an excellent way to save money in the long run and keep heat inside your home.

You can upgrade to an insulated garage door that will be especially useful if you've converted your garage into an office or workspace or if you want to take care of any vehicles that stay in the garage.

3. Use Your Fireplace



If you have a fireplace and it is cold outside, use it! Nothing says warm and cozy like a fire at night. If you aren't using the fireplace, make sure you close the flue. Leaving the flue open can let heat escape unnecessarily.

4. Make Warm Meals

In the winter months, make the most of the time you spend cooking by making meals that will warm your family. Find recipes that you can make in the crockpot and let them simmer all day. Then, when you're all done with dinner, you can make hot chocolate for winter weather.

5. Utilize Curtains and Drapes

Sometimes we forget about the most natural warmth we can get -- sunlight. Open those curtains when it's sunny outside and let the sun do its work to naturally heat your house. Don't forget to close them when the sun goes down. Buy some heavy drapes or blackout curtains to really keep the heat in!

6. Use Different Lights and Candles

Candles won't have a huge effect on making a room warmer, but they can certainly make a room feel cozy. Light some tea lights and place them on mantels, tables and shelves. Hang twinkle lights or turn on your floor lamps. Using alternative lighting can make your house feel homey and inviting -- just what you need after a day out in the cold!

7. Switch the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan

If saving money on heating costs sounds good to you, you might want to try out this tip: Look for a switch on your ceiling fans. Use it to switch the direction that your fan spins.

When the ceiling fan blades go in a clockwise direction, they'll push the heat that is lining the ceiling down to the floor. With this trick, you may be able to turn the heat down a little bit on the thermostat!

8. Create a Reading Nook

When the cooler months mean shorter days, it is easy to get lost in a Netflix binge underneath the covers of your bed. If spending all day staring at a screen isn't so appealing to you, try reading a book instead. Create a cozy spot to curl up with a good book, complete with lots of pillows, blankets and a lamp.

9. Dress Warmly



Dress in layers. Wear tights or running leggings underneath your jeans for an extra layer of warmth. Find some nice wool socks to wear around the house or an oversized sweater to throw over your T-shirt if you get chilly!

10. Make Your Own Heating Pad

To make your bed extra cozy in the winter, make your own heating pad. Find some fabric, rice, a needle and thread, and your favorite essential oil. Mix a few oil drops with uncooked rice. Make a pouch out of the fabric, fill it with rice and sew it shut. Microwave the heating pad for a few seconds and stick it under your sheets. You won't want to leave your bed!

Don't worry about spending extra money on energy this winter. With these 10 tips, you'll make your home feel cozy without turning up the temperature! What will you do to make your house warm this winter?

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