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12 Fitness Trends in 2015 to Get Your New Year Goals Back on Track

Written by Savannah Marie, Community Blogger | Jul 27, 2015 9:21 AM

Many New Year's resolutions revolve around fitness. Whether that means getting ready for your first 5K, getting more sleep, losing 10 pounds or choosing healthier meals, the overarching goal is the same: fitness.


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Resolutions are notoriously hard to keep. If you need a new shot of inspiration to bring your goals back on track, try one of 2015's top fitness trends:


Nutrition Trends

 1.    Charcoal

This year's magical detoxification ingredient is charcoal. Activated charcoal - not run-of-the-mill grill charcoal - is reported to help remove impurities, whether that's as part of a facial cleanser or in your favorite juice.


2. Bone Broth

Those looking for a solution to inflamed joints or seeking to give their digestive system a reboot are turning to bone broth. Simply boil your bones of choice - chicken and fish are popular choices - until they break down. Sip your broth and reap the rewards.


3. Juices

Juicing has been popular for awhile, but enthusiasts are now finding new ways to benefit from the craze. Instead of juicing just to get in those servings of fruits and veggies, people are now tailoring their beverages to their needs.

Picking the right combination of ingredients means you can make a juice that's just right for nursing mothers, for a weightlifting champ, for a young child or for a sleep-deprived student.


4. Cauliflower

What are you looking for? More vitamin C? Vitamin K? Fiber? Omega-3 fatty acids? Magnesium? Cauliflower has all of these and more.

Cauliflower recipes are growing in popularity, whether it's as a replacement for mashed potatoes or as a simple ingredient to add to less healthy meals, like cheesy casseroles.


5. Tigernuts

Those with nut allergies need not fear, tigernuts aren't nuts at all. These Spanish tubers are rich in fiber, potassium and magnesium, filled with good cholesterol and, even better, are gluten-free. It's a guilt-free, easily portable snack that's taking off in popularity.


Exercise Trends


6. Barre

One of the newest fitness trends is barre fitness. Taking inspiration from ballet exercises, Pilates and yoga, practitioners use a ballet bar for balance as they isolate specific sets of muscles. These classes may not get you a spot in the American Ballet Theater, but they will increase your flexibility and tone your muscles.


7. Treadmill Studios

Like spinning studios before them, treadmill studios are doing their best to breathe fresh life into an old standard.

While treadmills provide a great workout, they can be boring and demotivating. Treadmill classes feature dynamic instructors who use upbeat music and charismatic leadership to keep their classes excited and motivated through their workouts.


8. Personal Training With a Group

Personal trainers can be a pricey commodity. On the other hand, there are undeniable benefits to having an expert help you craft a workout tailored to your needs.

Instead of footing the bill alone, why not split the cost with a group of friends? No more stumbling through your workout, making more mistakes than progress, thanks to your wallet. Group sessions make it easier than ever to get a personal touch at a fraction of the cost.


9. Short Workouts

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Fall off the workout wagon due to lack of time? Well you're in luck. 2015 is shaping up to be the year of the short workout. Say goodbye to devoting an hour or more of your day to your workout. Many popular fitness systems - P90X, HIIT, CrossFit - have introduced 10- to 30-minute versions of their popular workouts.


Lifestyle Trends


10. CoolSculpting

Sometimes what you really need is a jump start. If your weight is playing havoc on your emotions and dulling your wellness motivation, try CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting has become popular as a safe, nonsurgical method of removing fat. Fat cells die off and are naturally eliminated after being targeted by CoolSculpting's crystallization process. Since the process is nonsurgical, little to no recovery time is needed.


11. Sober Raves

Late-night, drug- and booze-fueled parties are so last year. Sober, early morning, juice-fueled dance parties are what's hot this year.

Sober raves manage to hit multiple areas of wellness. They encourage a good night's sleep. They provide high-energy, social, high-cardio exercise. Many even promote nutritional fitness with vitamin-rich juice beverages. It's a fun, healthy twist on an old favorite.


12. ReWilding

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ReWilding is a back-to-basics, back-to-nature approach to health. It promotes eating only what can be hunted or gathered, spending time outdoors instead of in front of screens and guzzling water straight from the source.

It's a practice that can be as intense as you want it to be. You could sell everything and head into the woods to live off the land, or you could commit to weekly nature hikes and eating organic. Either way, it is sure to bring new dedication to your fitness goals.

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