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10 Ways to Make Your Summer House Guest Feel Welcome

Written by Savannah Marie, Community Blogger | Jul 29, 2015 10:02 AM

Prepping your home for guests can be a big job, but it doesn't have to be one you walk into blindly. The ultimate goal is to make any visitors feel at home in your space. This can be done by doing a little pre-visit homework.



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Making guests feel welcome is easy when you consider these 10 hospitality steps.

 1. Clean the House Thoroughly

This may seem like a no-brainer, but a clean house goes a long way in making guests feel important. Hit the bathroom, kitchen and guest bedroom hard with this 8-hour spring cleaning checklist.

 2. Set Out Extra Toiletries

It's easy to forget something as necessary as a toothbrush when travelling away from home. Save guests from an awkward moment by putting out travel-size versions of things like body wash, soap, toothbrushes and deodorant.

 3. Make Sure Paper Products Are Easily Accessible

Have plenty of tissues, paper towels and rolls of toilet paper on hand when expecting guests. Check the bathrooms frequently to help replenish the supply so it's not even a concern for those staying with you.

 4. Frame the Wi-Fi password

One of the first things guests ask for is the password for Internet access. Beat them to it by having it framed in their room in a location that will be easily seen.

 5. Stock Up on Their Favorite Foods


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Get to know the likes/dislikes of guests' food preferences prior to their arrival. By stocking up on items you know they love, you'll be going a long way in helping them feel comfortable and at home in your house. There's no need to go crazy, or course, but a favorite cereal or lunch meat can make all the difference.

 6. Upgrade Towels and Sheets

Use the visit as an opportunity to update some housewares. Investing in new towels for the bathroom and sheets for the bedroom will make your guests feel extra welcome. Make sure to only splurge on these items if they're truly in need of an upgrade. 


7.   Have It All Ready Before They Arrive

For some reason, seeing all of the work put into making the house comfortable for guests can be really uncomfortable for guests. Perhaps it's the knowledge of the amount of effort it takes that makes it look or feel inconvenient for them to be there. Avoid these thoughts by having it all done and waiting by the time your guests arrive. Doing so shows a certain level of anticipation, which can make them feel extra special.

 8.    Set Out Breakfast Options the Night Before


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Discuss breakfast or the following day's meals the evening before. This way, guests know what to expect and can prepare accordingly. If it's just going to be cereal and toast, put out bowls, spoons and boxes of cereal, so they can hit the table as soon as they awake. If you want to take it a step further, try some of these great summer breakfast recipes from Julie at Table for Two.

 9.    Have a Map of the Area Handy, Alongside Some Recommended Places To Visit

Not everyone can be with their guests throughout the entirety of their trip. This means they may have some downtime away from their host. Prepare them with a map and a list of cool places to see and/or eat.

 10.  Consider Asking for Their Help

Getting assistance with daily meal preps can be a good option for getting your guests involved in the family's normal schedule. By asking them to pitch in, you're essentially asking them to be a part of the team.


Use these 10 ideas to help create a welcoming oasis for your house guests this summer. By identifying and responding to any potential needs your guests may have, you are showing them their stay is important and worthwhile to you. 

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