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A Guide to Father's Day in Harrisburg

Written by Savannah Marie, Community Blogger | Jun 18, 2015 9:05 AM

Father's Day is this Sunday, and if it's the first one or the 30th, Dad still deserves some special recognition. Dads can sometimes be hard to buy for, so here are some gift ideas for those important men in our lives, based on some of our favorite spots and shops in and around Harrisburg.

1.    The Carnivore

A win for everyone involved, a trip to a classy steakhouse is a man's dream night. Rare steaks, sea bass, and surf 'n turfs are all available at Dodge City Restaurant in Harrisburg. Remember, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. You already have this man's heart, but it never hurts to offer a good meal.

2.     The Beer Connoisseur

Some of the best nights are the ones just spent with friends and a few drinks, and the Federal Tap House is the place to do just that. With 100 beers on tap, more bottled beers, live entertainment and some top-notch food, no one will leave disappointed.


3.    The Golfer

For the serious golfer, Arccos Golf can show off dad's accomplishments. His friends at the club might not believe he made that hole-in-one, but a quick flip into the shot-tracking part of this device will show them what's up. Maybe dear old dad can finally get the accolades he deserves! Plus, there's a sale for Father's Day on the iOS-friendly device.

4.    The Major League Fan

For the dad who's a sports fanatic, a framed blueprint of his team's home stadium will bring his team luck this year. As the perfect addition to his man cave, his friends can come drool with jealousy over his new wall art.


5.    The Gym Rat

New advances in wearable technology have slowly but surely started to change how we work out. If you have a man that not only works out but also enjoys it, he'd probably love some of this new technology. Fitness trackers like Jawbone or Fitbit offer customized information that can help you find where you need to work harder.

However, for the man who's made exercise his life or the one who's looking at an upcoming competition, Athos might be right up his alley. It's a bit more pricy than the wristwear, but you get a lot more out of it. It can revolutionize dad's workout.


6.    The Survivalist

For the dad who likes close brushes with death, an emergency survival kit could be his new best friend. With tents, knives and first-aid supplies, you can rest easier knowing that your man won't be left without a hope in whatever crazy situation he gets into.

7.    The Rocket Man

For the scientist in your life, a bit of ingenuity would probably be appreciated. A chemistry spice rack would be the perfect way to mix family with passion, or at least with science. For those people who are buying presents for actual rocket scientists, don't strain your brain looking for the perfect present. You'll need that energy to hear about their day. Instead, remind him of why he loves that stuff with the Planetarium Watch. He can carry our solar system with him throughout the day. It's a good reminder not to sweat the small stuff.

8.    The Workaholic

For the man who loves his job, why not consider something for a home office? You could splurge on a sleek new office chair for his comfort, line up a snazzy new set of business cards or pick up a toy for his desk. He might not want to always work at home, but when it needs to be done, at least it can be done in comfort and style. This is a man who enjoys bringing home the bacon, so he might as well do it comfortably.

9.    The Chef

For the man who loves to cook, a new grill is just the ticket to a happy man and a full family. A man that loves to cook should be able to do so anytime, anywhere. That's what makes the portable briefcase bbq grill so great. With a charcoal pit in addition to the stainless steel handles, this is the perfect touch to add to his grill set. After all, who doesn't love grilling on the go?

10.  The New Dad

For the dad you can't get enough of, nothing says Happy Father's Day more than simply caring enough to make it special. However, a fancy little chemise might be a good reminder of just how he got the dad job in the first place, and give you both a night out. New parents need it, after all, and a night out might be just what the doctor ordered - for both of you! 

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