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Pump up Your Wardrobe for Spring

Written by Savannah Marie, Community Blogger | Apr 21, 2015 8:21 AM

Spring is one of the most exciting times for fashion. You're finally able to retire your layers and can embrace a lighter and more carefree wardrobe. There are certain staples that are essential to springtime, but that doesn't mean this year will be the same as last.

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There are a few items that you absolutely must have in order to get your clothes into gear this season. Whether you're digging through your closet or hitting the mall hard, make sure your wardrobe is ready.

1.    Jewelry. Jewelry can often change with the season, so it's important to find a statement piece that you'll want to wear with everything. Long necklaces will be big this season, so finding a few that you can reuse again and again will be a life saver. A yellow diamond that is colorful for spring but can easily transition into fall is a great investment

2.    Skinny Belts. It's a personal belief of mine that no outfit is complete without a skinny belt. It will vamp up any dress or pencil skirt that you currently have hanging in your closet. Choosing one versatile belt that can go with any look is a great move, because then it can work its magic on whichever outfit you're sporting. Metallics are very in right now, so finding a belt in that style would be perfectly fitting.  

3.    Cropped Jacket. This is a favorite for fall, but it's on trend for spring too. Wear it over a pastel tank top or pair it with one of your skinny belts and some colorful pants, and you'll be good to go. This is a good way to incorporate a jacket into your look for those cooler days when you're not sure what to wear.

4.    Ankle Booties. Not ready to retire your boot collection for spring yet? No worries. You can make ankle booties work through this season. They can be easily paired with a flowy spring dress.

5.    Florals. If there's one trend that you might be able to scrounge up leftovers from your mother's closet, it would be florals. They are back and bigger than ever. Whether you choose large flower designs or tiny prints, you will be set. Pair this with a brightly colored cardigan, and you've got yourself an outfit. 


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6.    Colorful Toes. Maybe you don't have many vibrant pieces that can be put to use this spring - and that's okay! You can brighten up any outfit with a statement shoe. If you've got a lot of black hanging in your closet, consider investing in a colorful shoe that can be worn all season long.

7.    Pastels. If you've got a pastel, wear it. While this may seem obvious, it's important. It's also one of the easiest trends to obtain since you're bound to have a few stuffed in your drawers somewhere. Pull them out and make them brand new again by pairing them with some of these other spring trends.

8.    Bold Patterns. Honestly, as long as you have something patterned incorporated into your look, you will be fine. Whether that be a skirt, top or blazer is up to you. Stripes, gingham, chevron, you name it, we'll wear it.

It might seem overwhelming transitioning from winter to spring, but not with these trends. As long as you've mastered how to integrate some of these styles into your seasonal wardrobe, you will be set.

The best thing about spring fashion is experimenting and having fun, so don't forget to do that with your wardrobe, now and always. 

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