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Welcome Spring into Your Home with These 7 Styling Tips

Written by Savannah Marie, Community Blogger | Mar 11, 2015 3:02 PM

Spring is coming! I know, this winter has been bad enough to make me consider a permanent move to the Caribbean, but it is finally, finally coming to an end (thank you Daylight Savings!). This also means you suddenly have to find things to do at 7 o'clock in the evening when it's still light out. We aren't quite to the point where we can toss open the windows without turning into popsicles, but we can start prepping for spring.


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Incorporate Color

Without a doubt, this is a great, easy way to keep your home from looking dated without having to put a lot of effort or money into it. Look for ways to incorporate color that you can change out easily. It's fun to play around with pillows, throw rugs and art. By the way, art is a loosely defined term here, meaning whatever you want to put on your walls. Especially with the changing seasons, having colors to swap out and play with allows you to get an updated look with minimal effort.

Showcase Your Style

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Make this place a representation of you - whatever that is. Love books? Make your bookshelf the focal point of the living room. The idea is to make your home reflect you in the best way. After all, you probably spend a lot of time there, so it might as well look like you. It makes your home unique in ways that will leave people with a lasting impression.

Use What You've Got

Waste not, want not, right? There was something about your home that attracted you to it. Take that thing and showcase it. Maybe you fell in love with the beautiful bay windows, or the view from the back door. Maybe you love the old beams or the central fireplace. Clean it up. If your home is anything like many Americans, it's probably buried under clutter. Get rid of it, and show off your favorite part of your home. A brightly colored trim is a great way to show off windows, for example.

Manage the Flow

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There are subtle ways for you emphasize a part of your home. Since we're American, we tend to see things from left to right, the same way we read. If the focal point of the room is slightly to the left as you walk in, the viewer's eyes naturally drift in a downward, right diagonal. Put a bit of thought into what you place there. It's easy to make a room flow, you just have to plan it out a bit.

Toss Out the Old

It's almost spring! It's traditionally a time of renewal, so take this time to de-clutter. One easy way to do this is to take everything you haven't used in a year (that isn't seasonal) and get rid of it. Newspapers, nut grinders and that cheese injector you got that's still in the packaging can go.

Once the majority is done, continue to do this once a month or so. It's amazing how much stuff we acquire, stuff we have no need for. Getting rid of it will help your home look and feel bigger, cleaner and more put together. It also leaves less things for your kids to break, which is an added bonus.

Add Some Curb Appeal

The inside of your home is important, but with summer coming, so is the outside. After this harsh winter, most homes could use a little sprucing up around the edges. Maximize what you have to work with in unexpected ways. If you've done your research and you know your home needs an addition to make it pop, consider something like the door imagination system. Replacing something like your garage door creates a huge difference in the curb appeal, without requiring major renovations.

Soften the Glow


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Many homes are missing good lighting. Static bright light is not only boring, but it also tends to make everything (including people) look a bit worse for the wear. Instead of only inviting friends over during daylight hours, consider purchasing dimmer switches. They're remarkably inexpensive; most brands land in the $20-$40 range. Having those as options makes a world of difference and can really help you set the mood.

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