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5 Tips for Styling Statement Jewelry in the Winter

Written by Savannah Marie, Community Blogger | Feb 27, 2015 11:24 AM

We're almost finished with another long winter here in Harrisburg, PA. Although temperatures have been brutal, I'd consider us lucky compared to our northern counterparts. However, our wardrobes are bound to take a styling hit in these cold winter months. Instead of flaunting bright colors and high heels, we're forced into layer after necessary layer. What's a stylish woman to do during this daunting weather? The answer is so simple: statement jewelry.

Dainty necklaces and subtle jewels are so yesterday. Now, we're all about the bold, eye-catching statement pieces, especially when our wardrobe options are limited.

The magic of statement jewelry is that it turns your whole look into a statement outfit -even when bundled from head to toe. Statement jewelry comes in all forms, shapes, colors and sizes and can be rocked from your ears to your wrists.

If you're feeling brave, have fun with your statement jewelry this season. Just be aware that there are many ways for this look to go all wrong, and when you're going with something statement worthy, that means really, really wrong. To avoid future fashion cringes, whether it be from yourself or from the people around you, be sure to follow the cardinal rules of statement jewelry.

1. Do Not Overdo it.

A statement piece should be exactly that: one statement. If you're trying to cram too many bold items into one outfit, it's going to be distracting. Stay minimal and stick to one daring piece per outfit. Expecting people to be wowed by your ears, fingers, wrists and neck all at once is sure to give them a headache.

This goes for accessories as well. Stay far away from combining a bright purse or a bedazzled clutch with a big necklace or bracelet. This is when less is definitely more.

2. Keep the Jewelry Simple.

statement necklace.jpg

Geometric gold necklace | Doury Accessories


Some statement pieces seem good in theory, but are actually entirely too busy. Too many colors, stones and sparkles put together in one piece could turn out to be a big disaster - no matter how basic of an outfit you're pairing it with. If it looks like a mess on its own, it's going to look even scarier with an outfit.

3.  Mix Up Your Patterns.

There is no one way to wear a statement piece, so don't be afraid to play around with your options. Patterned shirts, dresses and blouses can totally work with a simple, solid-colored piece. You could also go basic with a colorful piece on top of an all-black ensemble like a dress. Although trickier, don't be too hesitant about rocking a bright piece on top of a bright outfit. Pairing different pinks and oranges together can surprisingly work wonders. 

4.  Pay Attention to Those Necklines.

If you're working a button-down like a denim shirt, for instance, be sure to button it up to the collar so that you can really show it off over top. Be sure that your neckline isn't clashing with your statement piece. If you're wearing a rounded bib necklace, don't style it with a V-neck or plunging neckline; stick to the crew or scoop neck in this case. Necklines play an important role in perfecting your statement piece. 

5. Don't Forget Your Arms and Ears.

Remember that a statement piece can belong other places beside your neck. Dazzle your ears, fingers and wrists, just not all at the same time. When wearing a statement bracelet, make sure your neck doesn't appear too bare. Bracelets seem to work well with higher necklines.

If you're planning on wearing statement earrings, make sure that they are still proportionate to the rest of your look. Don't let them drown out in the background or be hidden by your long hair. It's also important not to neglect your fingers, because even a ring can make a statement.

Sometimes, jewelry is just the icing on top of a perfect outfit, but when it comes to a statement piece, it can be the factor that makes an outfit perfect. Taking just enough risk to go for a bold piece could be what has people remembering you for your cold weather style.

Follow these tips and you're sure to have people staring, but in a good way. 

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