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7 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Comfy Cozy for Winter

Written by Savannah Marie, Community Blogger | Nov 14, 2014 9:59 AM

If you had any doubts that it was nearing winter in central Pennsylvania, you can stop wondering. According to long-term forecasts, Mother Nature has officially started blowing chillier winds our way. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to hibernate. As style aficionados know all-too-well, cold weather is the perfect time to redecorate, especially in the bedroom.

There’s nothing quite as cozy as snuggling up in your sleeping spot when the winds are howling and the snow is falling. In order to make sure your resting oasis is as beautiful as it is cozy, try some of these tried-and-true winter decorating tips.

1. Faux Fur and Plush Blankets and Pillows

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Pile your bed with the softest-looking and feeling faux fur, plush or similar blankets, pillows and throws. Pick soft colors such as ecru, cream or pure white. They’ll give your bed an appearance of luxury. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a fortune. There are plenty of great sales online and at retail merchants in the area.

2. Add Rugs on Top of Existing Carpeting or Flooring.

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Throw rugs can add a layer of texture and security to any bedroom. Even if you already have wall-to-wall carpeting, a well-placed rug can make the space more visually appealing. Play around with rugs of different colors and patterns, especially if the rest of your bedroom is clad in relatively neutral shades.

3. Buy Flannel Bedding and Pajamas

Flannel is hands-down one of the greatest winter fabrics. Not only does it keep you snug as the proverbial bug-in-a-rug, but it actually is quite comfortable against your skin as well. One word of caution: Flannel sheets will help seal in your natural warmth, so you may not need tons of blankets on your bed if you go the flannel route.

4. Invest in New Draperies and Window Coverings

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Are you windows bare or covered with barely-there sheer panels? Make a change and get thicker window coverings, or layer your current window coverings with additional panels. Dark colors will help block out the sunlight if you want your room to be den-like. If you prefer to have sunshine flooding the room, choose lighter draperies that you can easily open and close.

5. Soften up Your Lighting

Is your bedroom filled with harsh, unnatural-feeling lighting? Replace shades as needed, as well as light bulbs. This doesn’t mean your bedroom needs to look dark, but the softer the lighting, the more intimate the area will appear.

6. Go for a Theme

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Finally, there’s nothing wrong with going all-out with a totally winter theme. Decorate with snowflakes, showmen, icicles or even white or colored holiday lights. Make your bedroom a nook where winter is celebrated, rather than avoided. You can even change out summer-themed pictures and décor for more winter-inspired items. Be creative.

Wait! I Have No Artistic Skill!

Okay – for those of you who feel like even the most basic changes are a little too overwhelming, don’t forget that there are many local companies that offer amazing design services that won’t break the bank. David’s Furniture and Interiors is one business that has in-home design consultations that help you choose the pieces that will bring your dream room to life. All you have to do is conduct a little online research, and then visit their stores. They’ll be happy to help you, and you’ll have the bedroom you need to make it through the winter months in no time.

Don’t accept a boring bedroom that’s chilly and uninviting. Hey, we all have to sleep, but that doesn’t mean we have to dislike the place where we continue to dream of warmer weather. Embrace this time of year as an opportunity to show your imagination and make your room a utopia.

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  • jenniferhermer img 2015-10-31 07:20

    Nice stylish decorative tips for bedroom interior this winter. I am glad that I got to know about these, I will surely opt these innovative idea of adding a rug on the carpet.

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