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10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Adults

Written by Savannah Marie, Community Blogger | Oct 29, 2014 2:14 PM

My skills of procrastination know no limits. I can wait until the last minute for work assignments, to buy presents and even to plan my Halloween costume. Yes, most dress up parties are just days away, but don’t cancel your RSVP just because you don’t have a costume plan.  It’s never too late to get into the Halloween spirit with these ten last minute costume ideas.

1.       Athlete

Anyone with a favorite team jersey or a brother with one can pull off the athlete look. Add some black eye liner under your eyes and wristbands or a bandana to complete the look. Go team!

2.       Cat

Start by dressing in all black. Cut triangles out of cardboard, color or paint them black, and glue them to a headband to make cat ears. Grab the eye liner to draw own whiskers and practice saying “meow.”

3.       Three Hole Punch

three hole punch.png


This one is borrowed from Halloween genius Jim Halpert (from the TV show The Office). Simply dress in a white shirt and cut out three circles from black construction paper.

Tape them to one side of you shirt, and viola, you are three hole punch paper! Don’t forget his other ideas, like “Dave” and “Bookface.”

 4.       Gypsy

If you have a peasant skirt and some scarves, you can make a gypsy look in seconds. Tuck an oversized blouse into your skirt and wrap your scarf around your head like a headband. Slip some bangle bracelets on your wrist and head out the door.

5.       Pirate


Photo by Dave Morris


A pirate can be a great costume for a man or woman. Get an old pair of shorts and cut the edges into zig-zag pattern. Use a red or black scarf as a headband, letting the ends hang long.  Use an eye liner pen or eye shadow to draw a scar on your arm.  Finish off the look with black or brown boots and an eye patch purchased at your local pharmacy.

6.       Rosie the Riveter

Dressing up as the women who went to work in factories during World War II is an awesome and easy “girl power” costume.


Photo by SBT4NOW

Take a blue collared shirt and tuck it into jeans or cargo pants (remember, these ladies were making weapons, so no skirts).  Roll up the sleeves of the shirt above the elbow, until your bicep is showing.  Tie a red bandana on top of your head (like this famous Westinghouse poster ).  We can do it!

 7.       Nerd

The nerd look is easy for guys or ladies to pull off this Halloween. Wrap masking tape or duct tape around the middle of a pair of glasses.  Wear a short sleeved collar shirt, and put some pens and pencils in the front pocket. Add a pair of suspenders and tall white socks with sandals, and you are ready to go.

8.       Princess

Most ladies have an old prom dress or bridesmaids dress in their closet that was only worn once.  Give it another twirl by adding a crown and a wand for an easy princess Halloween costume.

9.       Throwback to Another Decade

Have some neon clothes? Rock a side pony tail and or a sweat band and go as someone from the 80s.  Have bell bottoms or a tie-dyed shirt? You’re a hippie from the 70s (extra points for John Lennon style sunglasses)! A floral dress with pearls or a sharp, tailored suit with a skinny tie can place you squarely in Mad Men territory.  Make use of your existing wardrobe to come up with one of these time machine costume ideas.

10.   Ironic or Funny Costume


Photo by Patrick Guarino


Ah, the last minute ironic costume makes it seem as though you put a lot of thought into it.  You just need a white T shirt and a sharpie to go as a “404 error”. Or how about taping little toy chickens and rubber ducks to your shirt to go as a “chick magnet”


So don’t skip Halloween just because you haven’t purchased a costume or been planning for months. Leave your last minute costume ideas in the comments below!  


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