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The Best Harrisburg Food Festivals

Written by Savannah Marie, Community Blogger | Jun 12, 2014 9:22 AM

The city of Harrisburg has much to offer to the food aficionado, the character of which is built upon a desire to excite the taste buds and cultivate new food experiences. Harrisburg, the city raised to center around the bustle of the Susquehanna River, takes these festivals and churns out a foodie distinctly Central Pennsylvanian.

Just as the Susquehanna thrives alongside the digestion of solid Harrisburg business, Harrisburg business thrives amongst the throng of festivals that bring food, wine, and music to the forefront of industry. For the food lover, then, there are several festivals that cling to the summer months like hot grease clings to a pan; supplying the foodie’s summer itinerary, one which is, at once, simple and simply delicious.

To discover the Harrisburg food world, anchor your food-loving self to the mighty river and take a stop at these three fabulous festivals:

Harrisburg Food Truck Feast



Photo by Fuzzy Traveler


This feast doesn’t stop after one evening. Lasting several months, the Harrisburg Food Truck Feast begins in April and continues every third Friday of the month. Part of the city’s 3rd in the Burg, the feast involves some of the top food truck companies in the area, pushing the Burg’s initiative to be a cultural center of Pennsylvania.

As the title suggests, these food trucks are far from average and excel in providing its patronage with hearty and culturally distinct meals, ranging from southern-style fried chicken to Latin fare to good ole pork barbecue.

The feast is served up in Midtown from 5pm – 9pm April through October.


Harrisburg Brewers Fest



Photo by Jeremy Brooks


For the beer lover, this is the ultimate festival. Comprised of nearly 50 breweries, the Harrisburg Brewers Fest features enough beer to quench the thirst of its limited crowd of 3,500 people. The festival, which starts (and ends) on June 21st, is split up into two different sections, each lasting for approximately three and a half hours, giving the beer lover plenty of time to sample and purchase over 70 different brews.

Best of all, the drinks come with a cause: the Brewer’s Fest proudly supports and benefits the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Central Pennsylvania, with, according to the Brewers Fest site, every ticket sale being partially tax-deductible and net proceeds going towards the Foundation’s cause.


Dauphin County Music and Wine Festival



Photo by fauxto_digit


Perfect for those who prefer wine to beer, the Dauphin County Music and Wine Festival features 15 different vineyards who, like this Pennsylvania winery, will leave you looking for a plumber to transform your kitchen sink into an adult grape juice dispenser.

Held at the historic Fort Hunter Mansion and Park in Harrisburg, the festival begins on Saturday, June 15th at 3pm and goes until the following day at 9pm.

Aside from the many vintages to taste test, participants are also able to take advantage of the location by touring the Fort Hunter Mansion, which is open to the public until 4:30 pm Tuesday through Saturday. The views of the Susquehanna from the park are ones that should not be missed, especially as the live musicians serenade your tours and sampling.

Visiting Harrisburg is not complete without a full tour of these three food festivals. For the music, food, and drink lover, the festivals are the key to the city, proving that the thriving metropolis knows how to treat the stomachs of its visitors. Spend your summer months with food excursions like these, exploring all there is to be had of beer, wine and incomparable, award-worthy food trucks made by companies who support and exist as Pennsylvania resident-owned and operated establishments. 

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