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Helpful Summer Hacks for an Enjoyable Season

Written by Savannah Marie, Community Blogger | Jun 20, 2014 8:01 AM

It’s finally here! Warm weather, vacations at the beach, family picnics and late-night bonfires. After that harsh winter, it feels good to soak up the sun and plan some fun activities.

As with any season, summer still provides a few challenges, but it’s possible to get creative with your solutions. You can make your summer better with just a few easy efforts.


Keeping the Kids Busy

With the kids home for summer vacation, you’ll need activities to keep them entertained. Take a look at these innovative ideas.

1. Sock-mopping: Amuse your kids and clean your floors at the same time. First, sweep all crumbs off the floor. Then find some old socks and fill a pan with soapy water. They’ll have fun sliding around the floors and helping you clean. Watch them carefully to prevent falls.

2. Backyard camping: You don’t need to send them further than your own backyard to make memories. Set up camp behind the house, cook the food inside and occupy them all night with stargazing, flashlight tag and catching fireflies. If it rains, indoor camps are great fun, too. All you need are some chairs, blankets for a roof and sleeping bags.

3. Prevent messes: Sticky is an accurate word to describe summer. Prevent sticky fingers from dripping popsicles by using Dixie cups or cupcake wrappers as drip catchers. Simply cut a hole in the bottom and slide the stick through.


Photo by Robert Eiserloh

Ouch! Sunburn!

Red, flaming skin always takes the fun out of summer vacation. Whenever you’re in the sun, use SPF 15 or higher, but in case you get burned, try some of these remedies.

1. Cool Baths: Soak in cool water for about twenty minutes without soap, salts or other irritating products. Oatmeal, however, is good relief for itching.

2. Aloe Vera: This naturally healing plant provides soothing relief to burns. If you can’t find the leaf itself at your local grocery, look for a moisturizer with aloe vera. Lotion is also helpful in returning moisture to your skin.

3. Drink Water: Sun dehydrates your skin, so it’s important to drink plenty of water to recover and heal your burns faster.


Photo by kdigs539

Impress at Your Picnics

Tired of seeing the same recipes and designs? Looking for an easier and cheaper way to store your food and drinks? Check out these interesting ideas.

1. Make a Natural Refrigerator: To save energy and the expense of ice, bury a metal pan where there’s constant shade in your yard. Because it’s underground, beverages stay cool.

2. Use Mason Jars for Storage:  They’re only a buck at your local dollar store or Salvation Army, and they make attractive food containers, much better than plastic tupperware.

3. Offer Condiments in a Muffin Tin: Instead of hauling out several bottles or preparing items on separate plates, cut down on effort by using a muffin tin to store all your condiments. It’s less cleaning at the end of the day. 


Photo by Denise Krebs

Using Your Green Thumb

Growing flowers or crops this summer? Whether it’s a small garden or a large field, there are some tricks and tools to help you get started.


1. Wine Bottles for Watering: Recycle your old wine bottles by filling them with water and sticking them upside down in your flower pots.

2. Milk Jug Watering Can: Poke holes in the cap of an old milk jug and fill it with water. You now have a watering can that’s not only cheap but won’t slosh around and spill.

3. Improve Crop Growth: For those with fields to farm, there are new technologies for precision farming that can speed up the process with accuracy.



Photo by Baynham Goredema

Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me

Bugs are inevitable part of summer, but don’t let them pester you without trying some of these home remedies first.


1. Make a Bee or Fly Catcher: Save an empty soda bottle and cut off the top half. Flip it upside down and tape it to the inside of the other half of the bottle. Fill the bottle with sugar water to attract bees or meat to attract flies, and then place it wherever you like.

2. Cover Your Drinks: For a simple way to keep pests from your glass, use the same method for a popsicle drip catcher. Flip the cupcake wrapper upside down and stick it through a straw. You now have a lid for your drink.


A Little Effort Goes a Long Way

Now that you know some methods to overcome summer challenges, you can kick back, relax and enjoy the long, warm days.


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