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Five Things to Incorporate Into the Perfect Day for Mom

Written by Savannah Marie, Community Blogger | May 7, 2014 8:37 AM

Moms are possibly the most important people in our lives. They have the power to shape us, help us grow, comfort us and encourage us. For many of us, the first word we say is “mama” and the first person we run to with our accomplishments is mom.

In light of that, it is no surprise that we have scheduled a day dedicated to mothers and motherhood.  There are many traditional gifts for Mother’s Day like candy and flowers, but as much as your mother may appreciate those gifts, the perfect day should include something a little more personal.

Try some of these great, original ideas to make this Mother’s Day one to remember. Even if you can’t do much and need to save money on a gift, there is something here that you can give mom this year.

1.    The Gift of Memories

Remember the first day of kindergarten when you rushed off the school bus to show Mom your artwork? Just because you grew up doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still love the things you make for her. Make a photo album featuring all of your favorite memories with her or get your family and friends to make a tribute video with you.

mom and saige.jpg

Mom and her two favorite daughters

2.    The Gift of Me Time

Believe it or not, Mom needs time to herself sometimes. She can do just about anything for her kids, all the time, but sometimes, it’s important for Mom to do something for herself. Give her a gift of a weekend getaway, even if it’s just a visit to her sister or some time at a local spa. The time to relax will be well appreciated and is sure to earn you some brownie points in the process.  

3.    The Gift of Your Time and Attention

Spending time with Mom when she isn’t expected to drive carpool or fold laundry is a precious gift. To that end, try to do something special together like go out to a private fancy dinner or make a special dinner to serve at home. Spend the time sitting around the table remembering why you appreciate Mom so much and remember to tell her you love her.


4.    The Gift of a Clean House

You might not like to clean, but if that’s the case it makes this gift all the more special to Mom. While she is out running to the grocery store, meeting a friend or going to the gym, spend your time at home cleaning up rather than lounging around. Make her kitchen sparkle and she will be dazzled by your thoughtfulness. Also, if you forgot to stop and pick up a gift, this is a great last-minute idea that will cover your absentmindedness and keep you on Mom’s good side.

5.    The Old-Fashioned Gift

Going to the store and purchasing something for your mom is a great catch-all plan. If you think there is something that she wants that would make a special Mother’s Day gift, go for it!

Choosing the perfect gift for your mom can be a tricky process. Some mothers enjoy getting jewelry, but others prefer getting something simple and useful or something more personal. Whatever you choose to give the mother in your life this Mother’s Day, remember that the best gifts come with the best intentions, so put some thought into whatever you decide to do for mom this year. 

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