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The Benefits of Apartment Living

Written by Savannah Marie, Community Blogger | Jan 7, 2014 10:39 AM

Being new to the area, I settled for apartment living as a first option, a way to get to know Harrisburg, what each area has to offer and to find a place to set up a more permanent residence. However, after spending more time in the area and learning a little more about what the city has to offer, I’ve come to realize that there are many benefits to apartment living, especially in Harrisburg.


I needed a place to set up a functional home with the amenities I was accustomed to. Harrisburg’s apartment complexes offer many of the amenities I needed in my life. They have fitness centers with just enough equipment, tennis courts, swimming pools and recreational facilities. This way I don’t need a pricey gym membership. Centers and rooms that can be rented by the hour to entertain large groups when space becomes an issue are also available. My apartment even has an awesome custom fireplace mantel. These amenities can be hard to come by in a larger home development without outrageous costs and homeowner association fees.

No Need for a Repair Budget

It’s inevitable that most items we purchase are not meant to last forever. As a homeowner, I’d be responsible for these repairs out of my own savings and budget. As a more-than-content apartment dweller, the repairs fall to the landlord or property management company, providing the failure is not due to my own negligence or poor decision-making. This allows for additional savings for the future.

Yard Care is a Non-Issue

Do I want a green space to enjoy outside? Absolutely! Do I want to be responsible for keeping that space attractive and green? Not so much. Like many, I have a busy work schedule. I need to balance that with finding time to enjoy friends and explore the city. Needless to say, landscaping doesn’t quite fit into my current plans. This is a frequently overlooked aspect of apartment living. With no yard to my name, I am not responsible for its care. On the flip side, I can still enjoy the beauty that surrounds my space. My apartment community provides tenant maintained gardens for all of my organic gardening and green thumb needs.


I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I’m throwing money away by renting, that I could be putting into equity by owning a home. This may be true, but only to an extent. Will I receive the money back that I spend on rent each month? No. However, it’s a lot less than I’d be spending on if I owned a house. Remember the repairs I mentioned before? That money is mine to save, as are the pricey gym and pool memberships.

The price of an apartment is also markedly less than a mortgage for a house, without the need for a down payment that I can save by renting. The average one-bedroom apartment in Harrisburg is accompanied by a $749 monthly rental fee. The average mortgage in the area before any fees, taxes or mortgage insurance is $1,198. That’s a difference of $449 a month or $5,388 a year.


Less Space = Less Cleaning

I like to entertain my friends and to have people over, but I also like to live in a clean environment. Apartment living makes both of these ideals possible. It’s a simple mathematic equation. With less space to clean, I’m more likely to be able to keep up without panicking when a friend drops by unexpectedly. I’m still able to personalize my space to be exactly what I envision, but without the hassle of keeping up with a larger space.

Do I dream of owning a home in the future? Of course! But as a new resident to Harrisburg, I’m having fun exploring apartment living along with exploring my new city.

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