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Ace is the Place in Etters

Written by Terry Barr, Community blogger | Jun 9, 2012 12:37 PM

When you are a kid you just want the stuff that is cool and trendy. You want to keep up with Jack and Jill from next door and you don't care how much it is or where you get yur gear from as long as you get the goods. 

When you get a few more active brain cells you grow a style and the stuff gets more expensive, trouble is you now have to convince your parents its worth the coin and all the other "cool kids" have it.

College comes and substance starts to rear its ugly head and style takes on a new definition. You've become poor, thus Goodwill and Salvation Army take an active roll in your new "grunge" style on the cheap. 

But enough with all that silliness! I want to talk to you about adulthood and our need to get "nailed, screwed and glued"!  

I have always been a semi handy guy willing to take a shot at project or a "do it yourself" fix mainly because I can't afford to hire a real pro. But I digress. In the 90's I fell in love with Home Depot and all their rows and rows of tools, nails, hinges drill bits and literally anything you could ever need to fix fashion or build. The only problem is, which is true for every do it your-selfer, multiple trips to the Disney Land of Dowel Rods sucks up gas and waists huge amounts of time. Typically these big boys don't sit at the end of your driveway! Ugh....

Well have no fears to my friends in Etters, PA,  J & W Ace Hardware Store is here to save your Satur-day! I found this not so little hardware store somewhat by default. I was doing some work for a friend out yonder in Etters and needed a paint brush. I immediately got that "Oh boy" feeling in my gut. "I have to run all the way into Home Depot to get a stinking paint brush"! When to my delight the owner suggested J & W Hardware just down the road. Of course I thought to myself they probably have only have 2 to choose from, but off I went. 

Literally 2 minutes down the road was J & W Ace Hardware and wow do they have selections. A few things surprised me when I walked thru the door: #1 There were no less than 4 people with Ace shirts on looking to answer my questions. #2 There are 4 check out areas right at the front door fully equipped with competent friendly faces. #3 THEY HAD EVERYTHING! Well maybe not everything but I have been back to this little giant a number of times and have never left without what I need and even a few things I didn't need. 

My suggestion if you live near Etters Pa, go see the folks at J & W Ace Hardware you won't be disappointed. 

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