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Marriage is a Blend of Cultures

Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | Sep 15, 2014 8:21 PM

We're  just back from 17 days in Central and Eastern Europe. The intellectual in me always soaks up culture, history, art and architecture and seeks out music, theater and dance in the beautiful cities of Europe. I speak a few languages and have a lifetime of memories around these countries.

My husband is the street-smart businessman from a more basic world, which includes reality TV, like Duck Dynasty, sports, and material things. However, this trip was his choice for a vacation, his first time in these countries.

Good sport that he is, he indulged me in the Vienna Opera, Dvorjak's Rusalka, in Czech with German subtitles, which I loosely translated in whispers to him. He stayed awake and sat still the whole time. During intermission, there were commercials for fast cars, fashion and A+E TV-featuring the Duck Dynasty folks in tuxes and the Wahlburgs, two of Bob's favorites. As he photographed the commercials, I saw the metaphor  of how different worlds and lives join to form a more interesting whole life. People from different cultures add to each other and complete each other. They bring new perspectives to each other.. Couples grow more alike with time, but too much sameness could be boring. Vive la difference!

Now, we're back home watching DWTS and there's a Duck Dynasty daughter dancing, with her parents in the audience. Maybe they're not rednecks, just actors? She's a natural dancer. We're both psyched. Cultures collide, join and blend. A metaphor for marriage.

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