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Our Reaction to Evil When We See It-Aggression or Not?

Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | Aug 14, 2014 7:06 PM

So many demonstrations and protests at home and around the world all at once bombard our media and our minds. On the one hand, the old adage that true evil is standing by and letting evil happen without doing or saying anything holds. Therefore, the call to battle... On the other hand, how much harm do we want to create in the interest of drawing attention to perceived injustice? If someone was unjustly hurt, then do we add more harm to people who weren't even involved? Is there even a happy medium?

What if the situation were in our families? If a child hurt another child, maybe even killed him, should we then beat up and hurt all the children in our family for being aligned in that generation? If a school bully hurt or even killed someone on the playground, then should we destroy that bully's home and attack his parents and siblings when they stay there? What if the bully is our cousin?

The perpetrator needs punishment which includes isolation, rehabilitation and a chance to make recompense. Perhaps, helping the family hurt and funding a charity to help people of their ilk-some decent legacy. What we don't need is a crazy world in which one act of terror leads to another. 

However,  when a whole group wages vicious war on all others around them, establishing an inquisition of terror, that group needs to be stopped by whatever means possible. If we could re-educated their distorted minds, it would be best. Otherwise, we need to demonstrate that their violence will not be tolerated. Not since the Nazis have we had such a challenge.

Please, world,  know when counter-aggression is appropriate and when it is not. 

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