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Polluting Ourselves, Others and the Environment

Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | Feb 22, 2014 8:28 PM

I  want to participate in a lecture series at a preserve and I noticed that the lectures are usually about nature, ecology, and pollution. So, I came up with the topic as "Human Pollution-What We Do to Hurt Ourselves, Others and the World." Then, a long list of ideas streamed through my mind. First, the most obvious-dangerous drugs, smoking, alcohol abuse, bad foods or too much bad food or too much food. How they hurt us is easy but that they hurt others is important, too, like costs which are financial, psychological (ruining relationships) , and incidental (like second hand smoke) or crime.

Less obvious is the mean person, nasty attitude or killjoy, including the super-judgemental type. These people hurt with their attitude, poisoning other people's enjoyment of life, destroying self-concepts and, also, ruining relationships. Even worse are the horrible hurters who impose cruel hazings, gang violence, bullying, stalking, pornography or child abuse or any abuse. They destroy lives as much as any frackers or air polluters do. Gun control, anyone?

Lastly, there's the very subtle violence of enabling someone to overeat or worse, excusing someone's infidelity or other heartbreaking behavior, spoiling children rotten, taking advantage of someone or cheating him or her, passive aggressive behavior (like withholding love or sex in a marriage), gossiping or libel, or unfair condemnation.

In fact, the Earth will probably persist until it blows up but it's people who all too often work hard to pollute each other, not just industrially but psychologically.

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