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"The Wolf of Wall Street," A Lesson in Self-Destruction

Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | Jan 5, 2014 6:55 PM

Despite some great acting, "The Wolf of Wall Street," manages to disgust with it's constant swearing (mainly f..., over and over and over, again.) Then, there's the sex which makes women and men look like pretty (or plain) meat, no different from hogs hanging in a large meat locker. Worst of all, is the constant, explicit lesson in how to use drugs, especially pills and cocaine. It's so vile. It's not a horror movie, just horrible. It may be based on reality but there's no back story, no character development, no humanity, so it's difficult to imagine how the sick, self-destructive players got so depraved. The mystery is how they functioned in business for as long as they did. The movie gives the impression that it's possible to do everything illegal and addictively deadly, not man up until caught and ruined and still become filthy rich and successful--like it's easy. That's just not true!

What has Hollywood come to? Where's the complexity? Where's the intelligence? Not every movie is all gross, childish, shallow and pathetic but there's too much bad modeling for young people. I cringe to think that any 18 yr. old will watch this movie and think that it''s cool to do drugs, have group sex and swear all the time. The redeeming end is too little too late and pales in comparison to the vividness of the scenes of debauchery.

I'm not that judgemental when it comes to understanding how someone became disturbed, made bad choices and learned the hard way in real life because by the time I see that perso, there's a good chance I can help. I just don't like glorifying self-destruction, even if inadvertently, in the media to the extent we see it recently.

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