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Smokers Can Quit without Another Addiction

Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | Jan 27, 2014 6:11 PM

I pass the E-Cig store a lot. Then, I hear news of different flavor e-cigs. Smoking kills and nicotine and vapor beat charcoal/carbon, tobacco, smoke and whatever other toxins cigarettes offer, especially to the secondary smoker in the room. I don't want my son contaminated by second hand smoke in addition to the smog he breathes.

That said, why push one addiction off only to substitute another, however less harmful? We all know that the "relaxation" claimed by smokers comes from the deep breathing of inhaling.Deep breathing improves without the cig. The stimulation from the nicotine is a true kick and the real addiction, every bit as difficult to eradicate as cocaine and heroin. Yet, people stop those substances, alcohol and even smoking and have done so historically over the years. Usually, cold turkey with daily thinking, avoidance behaviors, learning new imagery, and just plain white knuckling it works. Sometimes, it takes 3 attempts, each one after more time abstinent. Rarely, people wean off cigarettes gradually, like caffeine (a more decent nicotine substitute, if you must).

It gets better and easier after a week (when physical toxicity declines), after a month (when psychological tactics take hold), and after a year. However, like all addictions, there's a lingering temptation to push off always for a lot of ex-smokers. For many, though, they learn to feel only disgust at the thought of smoking and campaign against others doing so. In the long run, the pride and relief at being addiction-free is a very real, palpable joy.

Smokers, picture yourselves clean and pure, free and happy. Picture smokers dirty and sick, dying and ugly. Afraid, you'll gain weight? Drink water, iced tea, juices, and lemonade to rinse away the urges, toxins and fill yourself up appropriately. Exercise, listen to music, get a hobby. Concentrate on love, friendship, charity and more. Get help, get support, make this project your campaign. You can do it! Good luck!

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