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Corporate Mentality and Personalities

Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | Nov 9, 2013 8:50 PM
I talked with a few business executives lately, especially a friend of mine in a hgh position in his industry. There's so much insecurity, so much turnover, so much drama and turmoil, and need I say stress. Here are some conclusions I'm gleaning. Lots of top execs don't practice these behaviors/attitudes but the people who last and aren't ruined in the system usually do.

1. The best ideas are planted, fertilized, and given time to spread among the superiors and colleagues, so that everyone agrees to a solution before you initiate it. Whether you have hours or months to let the idea grow, don't impose it cold turke

2. Listen, feel people out, empathize whether you agree or not and show respect. Then, express yourself poltitely and kindly.Be tactful and diplomatic.

3. Don't act dramatic, argumentative, or egotistic.It's about dedication to the final product for the customer balanced with respect for the bottom line.

So, where does creativity and fun come in? Does the corporate culture respect intellectual fervor and cosmopolitan perspective? My sources suggest that the corporate leaders on a less than worldwide level are more like jocks than nerds. The are more like beancounters than academics. They aren't artists. The best of them have employees who are more inventive, creative, interesting, dynamic and exciting than they are. They take advantage of those people's talents, but not always. Then, conflict arises, as people feel unappreciated and ignored, egos inflame and irritation ensues. At worst, it's a nightmare. At best, all parties, stop, think, accept the hierarchy realistically and either make compromises or acquiesce.

Ideally, all levels of corporate culture would agree ahead of time, when extending contracts, what the rules are, what the chains of communication and command are and how differences of opinion will be handled. However, it's not always that easy to figure it all out ahead of time. Guesses are made, mistakes happen and snafus disrupt the process. It can be painful along the way. Sometimes, it's amazing stuff gets done, anyway.

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