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Psychotropic Medication Doesn't Always Help

Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | Jun 18, 2013 8:51 PM

I've written about psychotropic medication too much, but, once again, I am accosted by the horrible side effects and painful withdrawal of some of my patients. These long-suffering, intelligent and nice people have gone from one medication to another to another with little or no relief. They still become terribly moody, depressed and anxious. Their minds fog up and their attention span wanes. Desparation sets in. Some of the drugs are immpossible to quit, as the withdrawal hurts as much as the other mental anguishes they endure. It's a no-win. Yet, why stick with deadly chemicals which aren't helping? The withdrawal may be worthwhile in the long run. Still, we search for some better medication which may help. There are cases in which meds are a godsend, indeed.The psychiatrist prescribes everything, overlapping too many at once, so we can't tell what's creating the most harm. It's so confusing. Then, when the patient resists, the psychiatrist misinterprets, projecting his own frustration and anger. It's all very confusing

As a psychologist, I pick up the pieces, encouraging coping techniques, insight, naturally-healing activities, and constructive behavior and relationships. Ultimately, we still need to find the right combination of methods, life choices and maybe biochemical aids with the least harm. For these patients, there's no easy solution, just the best balance possible at the time.

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