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Why I Break My Own Heart Regularly On Purpose

Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | Feb 20, 2013 9:46 PM

"Why I do what breaks my heart" is a theme that came to my mind when I left the office today. It doesn't usually, but I think psychologists, physicians, social workers, probation /parole officers and many other professional "helpers" feel the same way. Two cases in particular really hit home. One is an intelligent, handsome middle aged man who was totally wrecked by the failure of his business, along with his divorce, in the light of his early conditioning by his super-successful family that he is nothing without success and wealth. His substance abuse and mental health are starting to repair.It's been a long, painful road for him.

The other case involved a helpless, nice mom with a beautiful little girl who is brain-injured. She can't control the child's temper. She's not exacerbating the situation herself. She does what her counselor says. The child is so violent that she destroys furniture, hits, kicks and bites people. The medication she's taking isn't working. What a mess!

I could go on and on, but the point is made. Somehow, it feels good, believe it or not, in a humble, overwhelmed and sincere way to have touched these people's lives and be touched by them. Weird, isn't it? I know.

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