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Boredom is a State of Mind

Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | Feb 1, 2013 8:13 PM

Anything can be interesting and anything can be boring. it's a matter of attitude. We've all seen people with fascinating lives claim boredom. They're depressed, ADD, drama queens (no matter which gender), or boring themselves. They can learn to observe more fully, appreciate the variety around them, make fun out of whatever is happening (even cleaning, shopping, meeting dull people, or doing the same job every day). It's a matter of attitude.

For example, two people at the gym are lifting. One hates it but pushes ahead out of a sense of duty. The other watches the other people working out, thinks about all the shapes and colors around, feels like part of a scene and relishes in the exercise itself. Or take two accountants, one grinding through the day, bored with the job and life, the other fascinated by the clients and numbers, seeing each case as a learning and teaching opportunity. Then, there's the writer blocked and stuck for a newer topic, and the other writer thrilled to start writing, let the mind wander and see what develops.

You get it. Next time you're bored, question what's going on inside. Disappointed with yourself or your situation? You may be able to change something around or not, but what you can do is focus better on the variety and interest, even in ordinary things, around you. Life is not boring, unless you let it be. It's as interesting as you choose to be.

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