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Self-Protection in Relationships

Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | Jan 30, 2013 8:19 PM

Why do people who love each other require a pre-nuptual agreement? Why do adult children buffer themselves against parents who love them in case they say something which touches a nerve? Parents do the same with adult children, too. Self-protection is natural and even a part of love. If people give their hearts, their money, their time, their patience, their work, their bodies, etc. unconditionally to the point where they feel used, abused, taken advantage of in any way, they will build resentment. No one wants that. So, a bit of legal or emotional self-protection goes a long way to protecting the relationship from a build-up of anger.

A young Why do people in love require a pre-nuptual agreement? Why do adult woman quits work and has babies with her educated, professional, hard-working husband, who gets fired, goes broke and becomes depressed. She's disappointed, of course, but also angry at herself for quitting work and trusting too much without having a Plan B in ecomes unfaithful, leaving him with a broken heart. He's angry at himself for not looking at their problems proactively and working harder at keeping the marriage alive.

Granted, anything can go wrong no matter yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and financially, then relax and enjoy the good in your relationships with spouse, significant other, parent or child.

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