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Hypocrisy Everywhere-It's Part of Life

Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | Jan 6, 2013 7:42 PM

Let's be honest about hypocrisy, because, inevitably, it will always be with us. People say one thing and do another. They say that the other guy is a "hater" hatefully. The famous couple says they are for universal healthcare, being fit and eating veggies and full disclosure as they smoke like a chimney and their children know it but the public doesn't . Husbands and wives blame each other for their own failings and nitpick as if only the other did annoying things. Friends feel neglected but ignore some of their old buddies, too. Someone says he's open-minded but shuts out new information based on a key word he doesn't like. And on and on.

How do we combat hypocrisy when we're all guilty at some point or another? After all, human beings aren't consistent and have their weak moments. Being observant, looking around, doing volunteer work, putting ourselves in different environments by traveling or meeting people from other groups (rather than sticking with the same clique), reading something from a different and previously-alien sources, watching TV only the other guy likes sometimes, and listening all help.

Frank considered abortion a sin, until he met someone who's life was saved by an abortion. George didn't believe in evolution until he read enough to realize that it makes sense, fits with scientific fact and doesn't threaten his choice to believe in God. Mary loves to collect guns but realizes that too many shootings mean better control of who gets them. Jane traveled to Africa and has a whole new feeling about people of color now. Alice was so anti-immigrant, until one formerly "illegal" donated a kidney to her uncle. And on it goes.

Xenophobia, fear of the unknown, ignorance and narrow-mindedness harm. Let's be good, moral, open-minded people.

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