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Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | Nov 8, 2012 6:13 PM

I think everyone has his/her own tenets of truth or philosophical beliefs by a certain age. I will share the ones I wrote down 8 years ago, when going through a major life transition. I carry them in my purse.

1. I am strong, emotionally well-adjusted, self-respecting and happy, and often right, despite being weak, vulnerable and and often wrong.

2. Everyone is different and every relationship is different.

3. We love different people in different ways.

4. We are responsible for our choices.

5. There is not usually one right way to do things or to live. Rules are flexible.

6. Life is what you make it, and happiness comes from inside you, not from someone else.

7. We are never more stuck than we want to be.

8. It pays to be nice. Anger destroys. But no one is perfect.

9. Don't make decisions based on fear.

10. Don't sacrifice your identity, personality or chosen lifestyle much, unless it's a compromise you want to make for love.

11. Every day is a gift to be treasured. Have fun and do something worthwhile. Time is all we've got.

12. Moderation is good. Overindulgence is bad by definition and abstinence can if a problem, unless it's from something harmful.

13. Variety contributes to joy and Balance contributes to peace.

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