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Listening with a Closed Mind

Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | Oct 10, 2012 6:14 PM

Lately, people have argued politics. There are a lot of "true believers" on all sides. It's rare that they listen to each other thoroughly. I heard one of them refuse to learn or admit that he didn't know everything recently.He was offended when confronted with "not knowing" enough on a certain topic (finance). Sometimes, people feel too inadequate intellectually to try to absorb something new. Then, the potential for discourse shuts down.

There are other topics which open themselves up to closed minds, too. Health is one. People don't want to confront their demons, obesity, drugs and alcohol, mental health issues, attitudes. Here's an example which is all too common. Someone wants to believe that the right drug will make her depression go away, instead of really working at changing. It's so much easier not to take any advice and just prove that she can't change. Most of our obese population would rather prove they' can't" lose weight, rather than learn how. There are students and people closed to math, closed to economics or closed to music or anything. They believe they can't learn and declare no interest.

Why do people insist on staying stuck in their own mind and body traps? Low self-esteem is all too often an excuse. Fear of growth and the new responsibility to be a better and better-developed or more whole person than before with all the complications of dealing with the true complexity of life may be the problem.

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