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Hypocrisy is Human

Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | Sep 29, 2012 3:30 PM

Doesn't everyone own a touch of hypocrisy? Think the guy who moves furniture when it could have been let go and then complains endlessly about his aching back, the lonely lady who spews bitterness whereever she goes and complains that she doesn't have friends, the spendthrift who says he's poor, and my rich Democrat friends who champion every social program but use all the loopholes so they pay no taxes. I don't want to offend. I'm not perfect, only human, too. But, doesn't it irk you that the people who protest the loudest often seem to be the most hypocritical?

Of course, at the extreme end, there are the sex-abusing charity wonks, like Sandusky, and the pedophile priests. But, I'm thinking of the little hypocrises of the average everyday life, like being real friendly and then not responding to someone's party invitation, like finally finding a job and quitting after three days, like preaching self-control and overeating or overspending.

I think everyone could look at their day closely now and then and find the unkind word, the unopened mind, the inconsistent behavior, the wrong choice. To be self-critical in a healthy way, to learn and correct and move on with improvement seems so refreshing and pure to me, like an antidote to hypocrisy. Journaling or even just thinking things through reflectively, meditating, counseling formally or informally, for example, could open doors to a heightened awareness of self, a cleaner way of living, a more authentic reality. Who has the courage? Step forward.

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